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Blueberry Update April 25, 2013

• Posted on April 29th, 2013 •      

First Blueberry Update of 2013!

Duke blueberry bush going petal fall.

Duke blueberry bush showing late pink bud.

Welcome to the first Blueberry Update of 2013! Join us every Friday as we update the blog with pictures of our blueberry crop, which looks to be one of the best crops to date.

Currently, bloom on our Duke-variety blueberries is 15-25%. Pictures to the right shows a Duke blueberry bush with the three stages of blueberry growth: 1. Late pink bud 2. Full bloom 3. Petal fall. After the petal falls, a blueberry forms around the center.

The sun shines on Oregon Berry’s fields with a year-to-date high of 75 and low of 41º F (23.89/5º C). Next week will have highs between 55-75º F (13-24º C) and lows between 36-45º F (2.2-7.2º C). With warm weather, flowers bloom and bees pollinate.

We’re excited about this year’s blueberries. Come back next week to watch our blueberries grow!

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