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Blueberry Update May 2, 2013

• Posted on May 2nd, 2013 •      

Protecting blueberries from frost.

Oregon Berry blueberries continue to mature. Below are Duke blueberries at different growth phases:

Most Oregon Berry blueberries are in the full bloom phase, but some bushes matured to petal fall. This phase becomes vulnerable to frost damage at 32º F (0º C).

Over the past week, weather has been mostly dry, but cool with chilly nights. Sub-freezing temperatures were recorded on Tuesday (4/7) and Wednesday (4/8), putting blueberries at risk for frost damage. As water is warmer than air temperature, Oregon Berry safeguards blueberries from a hard freeze by spraying water sprinklers on the fields overnight. This protects blueberries by keeping the bushes at or above freezing temperatures. As a safety measure, our farm manager personally checks the fields at 3am with a military-grade flashlight to ensure that water covers the fields.

Extra steps like these assure a premium blueberry. With careful attention to detail, Oregon Berry grows consistently high quality blueberries with high yields. Rest assured that Oregon Berry takes all the precautions necessary for a top-quality product.

Next week’s forecast calls for warm temperatures ranging from the 70s to mid 80s. Compared to last year, blueberries are approximately two weeks ahead and the harvest is projected as early as June 20th.

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