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Blueberry Update May 16, 2013

• Posted on May 16th, 2013 •      

Duke blueberries continue to form.

Blueberries are continuing to form! See pictures of Duke blueberries below.

Last week’s temperatures had highs between 58-84 and lows 39-49° F (14.4-28/3.9-9.4° C) with some rain. Forecast for the next week predicts high temperatures between 60-70° F (15.5-21° C). These temperatures are cooler than previous weeks’, but blueberries still have good growth.

We also included pictures of Oregon Berry’s pollen-producing plants bordering our blueberry fields. Pollen producing plants like lavender and Woods’ rose encourage native pollinators like bees and butterflies, resulting in healthier and higher producing blueberry bushes. With these sustainability practices, Oregon Berry meets the Native Pollinator Habitat Enhancement standard by USDA. See other certificates on our About page.

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