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Blueberry Update July 4, 2013

• Posted on July 4th, 2013 •      

Draper blueberries are here!

As we finished 2nd picking of Dukes, 1st picking of Draper starts this week. We expect outstanding quality with the firmest fruit of the year. See pictures below of our impressive Draper blueberries.

Weather cooled to normal July temperatures with no precipitation in the forecast. Happy 4th of July!


Did you know? Phyto-chemical compounds in the blueberry help rid the body of harmful oxygen-derived free radicals, thereby protecting the human body against cancers, aging, degenerative diseases and infections.

One Response to “Blueberry Update July 4, 2013”

  1. Lina Ho says:

    I take a pack for breakfast and dinner daily. Some how floaters ate less and Iove these blue berries.
    Many thanks to all of you! from Singapore, Lina Ho

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