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Blueberry Update July 18, 2013

• Posted on July 18th, 2013 •      

You love Oregon blueberries!

Blueberries look great! We are currently picking Draper and Duke varieties for export. See pictures below of Draper blueberries taken July 18, 2013. Current weather is 80s (26) with lows in the 50s °F (12 °C). Warm summer days and cool nights slowly ripen blueberries, allowing sugars to set for optimum flavor and firmness. See below for emails we received from satisfied customers all over the world!

Can you taste the difference of an Oregon Berry?

I can’t taste the difference now, because we ate the entire box (wife and I) pretty much steadily for some hours, until it was gone. I did want to comment on the packaging and the product: the packaging was fairly sturdy and did a good job of holding the berries. More impressive, while there was a range of sizes of the berries, from large pea to berries at least a half inch in diameter, there were many more large ones than I’ve ever seen in a similar box, and, just as impressive, the taste and texture of all of the berries, whatever the size, was wonderful. Often we get boxed berries of different kinds which have a few excellent specimens, a majority of “OK” berries, and at least 10 -15% of the product not worth eating. Some of your competitors might charge less per pound of berries; but a whole lot more for a pound of excellent berries. Wonderful stuff you send out; and a great value. We’ll be looking for your logo and brand from now on! –Joseph
Your blueberries are the best I’ve ever had! I’ve had them from the East coast, West coast, Chile, Canada, Mexico, and several counties in Europe! Hands down you have THE BEST! P.S. keep up the good work & keep shipping to Ralph’s! – John

Hi, we just bought a container of Oregon blueberries and would like to know where they were grown, they are delicious! We live in New Mexico but just got back from spending a week enjoying your beautiful state and would have loved to have picked some berries while were there but are fortunate enough to be able to purchase them here. Thank you! – Kathy

Great price on fresh blue berries! Well packed, no mushy berries so they stayed fresh and solid, easy to wash, dry and package for freezing. Thank you. – Carolyn

Did you know? One blueberry bush can produce up to 6,000 blueberries in a year! Source: USHBC

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