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Oregon Berry Packing family


Oregon Berry Packing delivers mouth-watering, Oregon-grown blueberries, strawberries and black raspberries to premium buyers around the world.

Since 1948, three generations of the Malensky family have dedicated themselves to supplying wholesale customers with the highest quality and most flavorful varieties of fresh and frozen berries in the industry. Grown, picked and packaged under stringent standards, Oregon Berry produce goes from field to market with a minimal carbon footprint.

Our Mission
To produce products that create win-win-win relationships between our customers, growers, and our company. With our focus on premium customers and growers, strict packing standards, and sustainable farming practices, our company is dedicated to preserving sustainable agriculture.

Over A Half-Century of Experience
Oregon Berry Packing Company was founded in 1948 by Louis and Mary Malensky. In 2006, after 58 years of growth, the company became incorporated by Roy, Barb, Jeff and Brian Malensky. Today, two generations of the Malenskys continue to work side-by-side in the production of the highest quality berries available in the market. Here at Oregon Berry Packing, we maintain tight controls over every process–from growing, to packing, to shipping. Our processing plant uses the most modern and effective technology to set the highest cleanliness and sanitation standards in the berry industry.

The Best Berries Begin With The Best Conditions
Oregon Berry Packing only grows specific berry varieties that are optimally suited to our climate, showcasing the characteristics that consumers want most. Fields are planted, pruned, fertilized and harvested under our direct supervision. Unlike most other berry growing regions, Oregon summers are warm and extremely dry with cool, crisp nights. These conditions enable our berries to hang on the bush for an extended period of time, allowing sugars to set, so that the berries can be harvested at the peak of flavor while retaining their firmness.

Meeting The Future
Driven by the desire for excellence, Oregon Berry Packing continually blends existing technology with innovative systems such as our controlled atmosphere and rapid cooling systems. Our process is constantly being refined to reduce handling time, delivering picked berries to our pre-cooler as quickly as possible. Rapid cooling is a critical factor in maintaining our “just-picked” fresh quality.

Metal detectors scan our berry lines to guarantee against any metal particles. For fresh and frozen produce, we print a lot code on each clamshell, pail, case and barrel in order to create complete traceability from the field through processing. We also routinely use third-party fresh and frozen produce audits to make certain that all current sanitation/safety procedures are met and exceeded. In addition, added security measures, such as employee photo identification cards, “visitor sign-in” and tags, a security fence, and video surveillance enable us to account for all personnel on the production facility premises at any given time. These measures not only provide a safe product for the end user, they also reduce liability risk for our wholesale distributors. Our high standards ensure that customers will be delighted by the berries’ “just-picked” freshness, luscious color and succulent flavor order-after-order.