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Oregon Black Raspberries

Black Raspberries

Oregon Berry Packing began growing and processing black raspberries in 1954, and today we supply about 15% of the world’s frozen black raspberry market.

All of our black raspberries are farmed in the nutrient-rich soil of Oregon’s Tualatin Valley, where the unique microclimate offers some of the best growing conditions in the world. Fresh black raspberries can be found in Oregon farmer’s markets during the month of July; however, their extremely limited shelf life makes frozen black raspberries much more common. Our frozen black raspberries are marketed to wholesale buyers around the world and although we do not ship directly to end consumers you can enjoy Oregon Berry black raspberries in a number of specialty products.

Black raspberries grown in Oregon are prized for their intense, dark color as well as their extraordinarily high antioxidant properties. Research has highlighted the tremendous health benefits associated with eating black raspberries and recent studies have shown this berry to contain antioxidant levels that are nearly three times higher than blueberries! In fact, Ohio State University has published studies associating black raspberry consumption with fighting colon and esophageal cancer—and we’ve heard from multiple consumers that doctors are endorsing two cups daily of black raspberries for esophageal cancer sufferers. Not only is this super food extremely healthy, it also has a terrific flavor that makes black raspberries a demanded ingredient for a wide range of recipes.

Frozen Black Raspberries

Oregon Berry frozen black raspberries offer a delicious flavor and can be found in premium jams, ice creams, juices and a variety of other specialty products throughout the world.

We Offer Black Raspberries In A Variety Of Custom Packs
Our black raspberries are harvested by hand or by machine, then processed in our plant under strict quality standards. A blower removes field debris, and then the berries are washed and sorted by hand. Black raspberries are usually frozen whole in pails or barrels, but they are also available as a concentrate or puree. A normal black raspberry season lasts approximately three weeks, beginning very early in July.

Oregon Black Raspberries Nutrition Facts