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Verboort Berry Farms

Verboort Berry Farms is located in the quaint Beligian/American farming community of Verboort, Oregon. Founded in 1968 by Walter and Carolyn Duyck, Verboort Berry Farms began with just 3 acres of blueberries. Through the years, the blueberry acreage has expanded to over 100 acres and is now run by the founders’ son Tim and his cousin Craig Duyck along with the help of their devoted wives; Christine and Menelle. The Duycks farm blueberries for both the fresh and frozen markets, but focus on the fresh market with their Duke, Draper, Legacy, Liberty and Aurora cultivars.

When we asked Tim to share a farming story he gave us this childhood memory; “When I was young and picking berries for my Dad, I was not a very fast picker so I bought 2 flats from a girl picking there so that I wouldn’t get in trouble for picking so slow!”